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Do you need trees to be planted?

Tree Planting Services Dallas Texas

Do you need trees to be planted?

If you are in the Dallas area, then we can do your tree planting for you. As tree experts, Elite Arborist can help you pick the right trees to plant in the right spot. We do all we can to make sure that our tree planting rates are affordable and competitive to the Dallas tree service industry.

Putting Together a Tree Planting Plan: For trees to be best appreciated, planning is everything. In order for trees to thrive, many considerations must be made. Most importantly, location. A tree that is in the wrong place can be bad for the owner, the property and the tree. That is why before you plant trees, you should contact Elite Arborist. We have been helping homeowners all over Dallas for several years.

80% of tree failure is due to improper planting.

At Elite Arborist you can be rest assured that the trees we plant will grow to live a long life to be enjoyed for generations to come. To some, planting a tree may seem easy. However, tree planting is much more than just "digging a hole." A few considerations must be taken into account.

Those include:

  1. Tree Location
  2. Species Selection and Tree Type
  3. Site Preparation (soil, watering, fertilization) and Mulching

The Benefits of Tree Planting

The Benefits of Tree Planting

The benefits of tree planting are endless. During the planning stages, our specialists will discuss the perfect places on where to place your tree(s). Not only do trees beautify your property they can also increase the value.

Once we have determined the location, next we will help you choose a species. Based on the climate and your personal taste, we will help you decide what tree or trees you want planted.

Our Tree Planting Steps:

Our Tree Planting Steps:

Once you have chosen your trees we will begin properly digging. The next step involves adding plenty of water, fertilizer and mulch to conserve moisture needed for growth. We also will stake the tree to give the tree structural support.

Choosing Elite Arborist for Your New Trees Means You Have Hired the Best!

Our experienced tree planters will be sure to select the right trees and ensure that the right trees are planted properly to ensure a long and healthy life. It is important to avoid the hazards of hiring inexperienced landscapers. At Elite Arborist, no detail is left unconsidered. In addition, we make sure that you are fully informed of the required maintenance to ensure healthy growth throughout the tree's life.

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